I swore I’d never be a teacher…

I enjoyed this blog because it closely relates to my current journey with this new field I am studying for my masters. Although it does not discuss ISDT ( Instructional Design and Technology). I am able to relate to the challenges that have gotten to the point I am now.

A New Tempo for Education

I was never exactly sure what I wanted to be when I grew up. In high school, I knew that I loved music, but how could I possibly make this into a career (starving artist was not on my bucket list).  Responsibly, in college I coupled my music studies with a business minor– after all, a girl’s gotta be able to make some money to shop! I was always open minded about my future and could see myself in a hundred different jobs, except one. I swore to myself (and every person I came in contact with) that I would never be a teacher. Ever.


It’s not that my time in school wasn’t lovely. I went to a nice public school in the suburbs of Philadelphia. I was involved in dozens of activities, had lots friends and enjoyed my teenage years. I do not, however, have any fond memories in…

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