Resources That Stick!

It is difficult to talk about topics that you are not really knowledgeable about or when they are new. So it is great that we have this ever growing world of technology and social networking that gives us a vehicle to maneuver through new topics and gain information. So I am just starting off in my second course of my graduate program and I must say reading the outline and some of the assignments got me a little intimidated because this is all so new, I sort of felt out of place. I also thought, maybe I am out of bounds here, I have never been a teacher of any sort, I’ve mentored but there were no specific things that I had to discuss. I also have never worked in the field of instructional design, but I work with technology everyday, and I have been expanding my knowledge. So now that I am beginning to understand what this course is about, I realize that I will have to take the horns of this bull just like I have done with everything challenging in my life and ride that baby!!

So… I blogging has never been a big interest of mine, but today I explored beyond the usual social media blog sites, in to the world I plan to be apart of my future. There are so many people in this world that you learn so much from, and something such as blogging gives you access to others thoughts, perspectives and ideas. During my exploring today I came across a few blogs that I found insightful. I tool the liberty of re-blogging two of them. “ Why We Should Re-engineer Teaching” this was a blog post that offered some thought provoking questions about teaching and utilizing resources such as technology in the classroom. I think think will be a great blog to continue to follow for information and tips on technology in the classroom. Anju Patel’s Learning Blog is a blog that provides tips and information on learning new technologies, this blog will be helpful for me because it gives tutorials on a variety of technologies that I am not familiar with but will be useful to me as I go further in my career as an Instructional designer. The creator of this blog also provides live on-line trainings as well. The last site I viewed and will continue to follow is the “eLearning Industry” this site has knowledgeable insight for elearning professional and people that are new to the industry. The site offers instructional designers and other professionals project and job information. This site will be informative to me because I am new to this industry and I will be able to explore different avenues of Instructional Design.



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