Tips, Tricks, & Trends in Instructional Design (Part 1)

VOICES of Global Online Academy

DSC_0040-001By Eric Hudson, GOA Instructional Designer

In my role as Global Online Academy’s Instructional Designer, I recently finished an intensive review of the 20 classes GOA is offering this fall to nearly 300 students. I spent a few hours with each course, immersed in the world the teacher had created, and then I met with that teacher for an engaging, fruitful discussion about pedagogy, instructional design, and the challenge of adjusting one’s teaching to an online learning environment. This post and the next will share the tips, tricks and trends I learned from the courses and our teachers. First, I’ll address the importance of leveraging the online learning environment to create innovative lessons and manageable workloads for teachers, and in my next post I will focus on how to design a course with the student experience in mind.

PART I: When Teaching Online, Free Your Mind

The primary challenge…

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