Careers in E-Learning Management

Managing eLearning

Opportunities Abound

Who becomes an e-learning manager?

Many managers may be moved into the e-learning realm due to being highly qualified within their current managing positions.  It may be considered an easy transition, or even a promotion, for a company to move someone into that role from a prior managerial position.  Other practitioners become e-learning managers out of necessity, having no previous managerial experience.  The “Well, you’re it!” moment, so to speak.

How do people prepare or study to become an e-learning manager?

Employees moved into an e-learning position may not necessarily feel prepared for the responsibilities of managing an e-learning team.  This is particularly true if the individual has no prior managing experience.

This is certainly not a reflection on their capability to perform duties and be successful.  An effective leader can organically grow into a changing role, adjusting to new responsibilities in any situation.  However, educational best practice…

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