Instructional Design Resources

I wanted to take a moment to reblog this post from a classmate of mines that offered links to three blogs I found to be very resourceful. I express often that the field of instructional design is fairly new to me and everyday I am taking the time necessary to gain as much knowledge about what my future will involve. I highly recommend all four of these blogs, I have made it apart of mission to find resources for others like myself that new to this world. Often time we get intimidated by the amount of experience and knowledge professional in this field have, but I say embrace that we have guidance and use their experiences and resource for yourself along the way.

Where My Mind Wanders

The world is a very different place today than it was when I went to college to become a teacher.  In college, I was taught learning theories and teaching strategies and then was sent off into the world to teach.  Aside from some magazines that were dedicated to teaching, there was nothing else to guide me other than the veteran teachers and the teacher’s editions of the textbooks that were used at the schools that I taught in.  However, the world has changed tremendously since then.  I now work in a school that doesn’t use textbooks, so I don’t have a teacher’s edition to guide me.  But most importantly, education is going through huge changes right now due to many factors, one of which being the technology that is now available.  And the technology, in and of itself, is what has become my “professor”.  Over the course of the past…

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