Connecting the Dots……!

Connecting the Dots......!

Before starting this graduate program, I never really thought in detail about my learning style. I mean I figured everyone had their own preference of how they processed information, for me I followed methods that were comfortable for me, like writing things down readily, or seeing visual examples along with lessons that were given. Since this program I think I have been challenged to look closer into myself as a learner, and I have found understanding of the type of student and employee I am and I have a clear picture of where I want to be. Learning about the different learning theories ( behaviorism, cognitivism, constructivism, connectivism, social learning and adult learning) I understand what areas of my learning style fit into each of these different theories. I learned that these theories just like everything else have evolve from what they began from. Now that I have a deeper understanding of the different learning theories and learning styles, I look at learning like eating habits and working out, In order for our body ( including our brains) to grow stronger and remain healthy, we have to make sure we are feeding it the proper nutrients and exercising regularly. Learning is the same, during the course we learned about the brain functions, and it is our job to make sure we are properly feeding our brain in order for it to function. The learning process is an exercise for the brain. I look at It learning as a daily routine, versus something I will need to do while in school or at my job. it is important that we are challenging ourselves and going beyond the surface of the learning process. One of the most significant things I have learned over the past few weeks that give me a better understanding of my own learning style is that I am a completely different learner now than I was as a kid. As a kid I was more dependent than I am as an adult learner, I am able to define my own needs. As a young learner, I was given requirements and boundaries, I was not aware of all resources that we have available to day. Also, my focus and goals are different as an adult learner, and I am equipped with different learning skills now. “In today’s environment, many educational structures exist with the primary intent of preparing individuals for the workforce. Much like previous societies aligned education with the higher ideals of their era, work and employment—as cornerstones of life—drive much of today’s education” (Seimens, 2006). Since we are now living in the digital age, my learning style closely connects with the connectivism learning theory. As we we learned, connectivism integrates informal learning with technology. The role that technology plays in my learning; first and foremost I attend classes on-line for my graduate program. Every thing I do for school is practically on-line. I utilize all the resources such as the University Library when needed, I am able to create communication forums. I have learned about several programs such GoogleDocs that allow me to store and share information with others anywhere. Technology is becoming my livelihood, because it allows access to so many things. I never have to leave my house to pay a bill or to shop. When it comes to my professional life, I am able to work from anywhere when I am no in my office, I can communicate with other co-workers and clients. Technology allows me to stay prompt when I have deadlines. It exposes me to place that I only imagine going and provides me with in depth knowledge. For me, i know look at learning as my golden ticket, just like in the story Of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory, learning will take me places I have only talked about going and provide me with skills I only thought about having. As my learning style evolves, so will I.


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