Communicating Effectively

Communication is a major factor in the success of a project. Viewing the “Art of Effective Communication” media, my initial interpretation of the message itself is that it is an urgent matter that needed to be addressed immediately. Each modality presented the message differently. Of all three, only one portrayed the urgency the message was sending off. Each of the messages presented the message in a different tone.

The factor that influenced my perception of this message was the content and the tone. The content describe the importance of the information being requested. The sender was considerate but also firm about what was needed and displayed the in a respectful urgent manor.

After reviewing each modality, I interpreted the email message to portray the most urgency. I personally feel that when communicating a message this important one should use 2 if not all methods of communicating.

I learned from this that when communicating with peers, you need to use a primary and a secondary form of communication to get a message across. I learned that you have to present the proper tone while still effectively communicating what the priority of the message is.

Laureate Education (Producer). (n.d.). ” Art of Effective Communication”. [Video file]. Retrieved from


One thought on “Communicating Effectively

  1. Hello Eeebeez,

    I find your perspective on the email interesting. I have a different viewpoint, and it was my least favorite. The email seemed very passive aggressive, and I will be honest, I probably would not have felt moved b the email. For me, the voice was the effective, I would have felt a sense of urgency upon receiving it. Would you say you prefer email communications? I feel like we are more prone to select the one that would be our preferred method of contact. I always tell my employees and peers, if it’s important, do not email it to me.

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