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Analyzing Scope Creep

I used to be part owner of a licensee, when I had my event planning and production business. This particular event we put on monthly was called PlayDate. It was an adult game night. It was an alternative to the normal night life stuff, like clubbing and bar hopping. Adults 21 ( preferably 25) and up would come hang out dress comfortably, listen to  music because we had a DJ, play all different types of board games new and old. The main event of the evening was the interactive games with the host, which was an up and coming comedian. These game were what the crowd usually anticipated. The would play simon sez, red light green light, tug-o-war, twister and a few others.

This event took place on a Friday or Saturday of each month. Instead of my partner and I hiring actual employees we had volunteers and as compensation, we provided food, drinks, 3 free guest passes to the event. One of the biggest challenges of this event was finding the right venue. This particular event was our welcome to the NEW Year event, so we expect a large turn out. Our team met at our usual time and place, discussed the event from start to finish. We had the venue scheduled and as far as we knew everything was a go.

I received a call about a week prior to the event from the venue, they explained to me that they had double booked and that since our group called after they were going to accommodate the other party. Without a venue, there is no event bottom line.

Booking the venue has always been a responsibility of mine, what I did to go about this is created a list of all the places that could be possible space for the monthly event. I kept a list of information on each place so that I knew what space I was working with, since we wanted to have the room filled with different stations, and this time we had vendors from sony coming in, the basketball shooting games,  the works, I had the venues listed by size.

One of the great things about this event is that it had gained s much attention that several businesses wanted the opportunity to partner up with us. Jack London Square in Oakland, California, is a very popular tourist spot, a member of our church owned a bar and connected to the bar was this hug auditorium that he would rent out to vendors. Everyone called him pops, and Immediately contacted pops to see if his space would be available to host our event. Pops advised me that he was so happy that we called him because he has been trying to find a way to drive more business to the bar. What we decided to do was write-up a proposal to have the event take place continuously at  Mingles. For budgeting purposes we came up with a financial plan that made both businesses happy.  The first even was a success and Mingles even got radio advertisement through the event.

I think what I would have done differently is instead seeking help from other commercial businesses, look within the community first. One would be surprised how many people are willing to help your business succeed. The second thing is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have a back up venue. Follow up with that venue 2 to 3 weeks prior to the event just in case. I think if i could go back tot he very beginning, I would have looked for a venue to partner with so that this problem would never occur.