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Walking into this program, there was a lot fear and pressure that I faced. From the beginning I knew I was going into this program of study blind-sighted, before now, I had only heard about instructional design. Never did I think in a million years this is what I would finally decide as the career I would like to see myself in, in the next year or so. This course has open my eyes to a new way of thinking of approaching the way I learn as a student continuing this program and for my future as an instructional designer, creating material for other learners. As I take this moment to reflect on the past 8 weeks of this course, I will reveal a few things I have learned about myself and other learners as wells as tools and strategies that will be useful for my future success.
As I studied about how individuals learned one of the first thing I found striking was how common some of the same learning experiences I have had, so many other people have experienced as well. When I was faced with learning challenges I use to think that there was something wrong with me, but I now understand that every learner faces some type of challenge. The only difference is the way we each approach our challenges within our style of learning and which strategies we use to overcome them. Needless to say I was surprised to learn that I was normal. I learned that everyone has a learning style and each of our different styles fit in with these philosophies created centuries ago.
This course deepened my understanding about my personal learning process, through the lessons about the brain, and how the brain functions. I learned that the brain is like every other muscle in out body; and in order for it to stay strong and each of its areas pertaining to learning, retaining and processing information to function properly, we have to do activities that exercise each of those areas equally. I learned that our brain function plays a major role in information processing.
The connections between learning theories, learning styles, educational technology and motivation I have learned, is that with each there is a form of the other to go along with it. Since this is a distance learning course and program, I will say that the learning theory that most relates is connectivism, this theory is connected to the learning style that integrates technology within the learning process. This also connects to the ARCS model of motivational design. The process is use in distance learning environments such as this one we are in. A- Attention, R- Relevance, C- Confidence and S- Satisfaction; “incorporates needs assessment based on an analysis of the target audience and existing instructional materials, supports the creation of motivational objectives and measures based on analysis of the motivational characteristics of the learners provides guidance for creating and selecting motivational tactics, and follows and process that integrated well with instructional design development” (Keller, 1999).
My learning in this course will help me further my career because I know have just a bit more knowledge, and I feel that I have gained a useful amount of information that gives me a good solid foundation of the learning to come. I have learned to use the fear, and challenges as motivation to keep pushing forward, and not let it discourage me, I will succeed in this field.

Keller, J.M. (1999). Using the ARCs motivational process in computer-based instruction and distance education. New Directions for Teaching and Learning, 78, 37-47. doi: 10.1002.tl.7804.